Jackson Introduces The MVE Awards

Welcome to an all new Wildcard Wednesday! In today’s post, I’m introducing a new feature premiering next week on Situation Comedy Tuesdays — The Most Valuable Episode Awards, or MVE Awards.

The primary reason I started this blog was to share my views on the best episodes from the best sitcoms. As a resource for new fans looking for places to begin their viewings, I also want Sitcom Tuesdays to give an incentive to the curious readers who have NEVER EVER seen these shows to get ahold of an episode and give them a try. But I realize that a list of ten might be daunting for a person who just wants to zero in on one singular episode.

So, I am helping my readers do just that. At the end of every Sitcom post, starting next Tuesday with Season One of The Lucy Show, I will pick one episode from the entry that deserves the MVE Award. This is the installment that represents the absolute best from that particular collection of episodes. I hope this will encourage more people to discover these excellent sitcoms and partake in the joy that I live to share.

Lucille At The Emmys

Since this feature is starting next Tuesday in the 19th week of this blog, I want to go back and choose the previous 18 winners of the MVE Awards.


01) I Love Lucy: Season One

Episode 30: “Lucy Does A TV Commercial” (Aired: 05/05/52 | Filmed: 03/28/52)

Read more here.


02) I Love Lucy: Season Two

Episode 36: “Job Switching” (Aired: 09/15/52 | Filmed: 05/30/52)

Read more here.


03) I Love Lucy: Season Three

Episode 92: “The Diner” (Aired: 04/26/54 | Filmed: 03/18/54)

Read more here.


04) I Love Lucy: Season Four

Episode 106: “Ethel’s Birthday” (Aired: 11/29/54 | Filmed: 10/07/54)

Read more here.


05) I Love Lucy: Season Five

Episode 150: “Lucy’s Italian Movie” (Aired: 04/16/56 | Filmed: 03/08/56)

Read more here.


06) I Love Lucy: Season Six

Episode 172: “Lucy Does The Tango” (Aired: 03/11/57 | Filmed: 02/07/57)

Read more here.


07) The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

Episode 2: “The Celebrity Next Door” (Aired: 12/03/57 | Filmed: 09/27/57)

Read more here.


08) The Honeymooners: Classic 39

Episode 7: “Better Living Through TV” (Aired: 11/12/55)

Read more here.


09) The Honeymooners Sketches: 1951-1954

1952-1953 Season: “Norton Moves In” (Aired: 04/18/53)

Read more here.


10) The Honeymooners Sketches: 1954-1957

1954-1955 Season: “Kramden Vs. Norton” (Aired: 01/15/55)

Read more here.

hm desert hawn behind the stage pic

11) Our Miss Brooks: Season One

Episode 18: “Old Marblehead” (Aired: 02/06/53) 

Read more here.


12) Our Miss Brooks: Seasons Two & Three

Episode 59: “Hello, Mister Chips” (Aired: 03/19/54) 

Read more here.

OMB chips

13) Our Miss Brooks: Season Four

Episode 105: “Have Bed, Will Travel” (Aired: 11/11/55)

Read more here.

omb have bed

14) The Dick Van Dyke Show: Season One

Episode 16: “The Curious Thing About Women” (Aired: 01/10/62 | Filmed: 10/24/61)

Read more here.


15) The Dick Van Dyke Show: Season Two

Episode 36: “My Husband Is Not A Drunk” (Aired: 10/31/62 | Filmed: 09/18/62)

Read more here.


16) The Dick Van Dyke Show: Season Three

Episode 79: “The Life And Love Of Joe Coogan” (Aired: 01/22/64 | Filmed: 12/10/64)

Read more here.

Screen shot 2013-09-28 at 9.39.44 AM

17) The Dick Van Dyke Show: Season Four

Episode 96: “The Ghost Of A. Chantz” (Aired: 09/30/64 | Filmed: 08/11/64)

Read more here.


18) The Dick Van Dyke Show: Season Five

Episode 127: “Coast To Coast Big Mouth” (Aired: 09/15/65 | Filmed: 08/03/65)

Read more here.




Remember to come back next Tuesday as the MVE Award makes its first regular appearance. Also, come back next Wednesday for a new Wildcard post. And don’t forget to tune in tomorrow as the Xena countdown continues!

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