The Results Are In: The 2017 BEST-OF-THE-BLOG Awards

Welcome to another Wildcard Wednesday and the results of our second annual contest! This year, with a grand total of 76/100, or 25/33, GaryK328 is our grand prize winner! He wins:

  • An original script (final draft) for Murphy Browns’ classic “Brown Like Me (I & II)”
  • An original script (table draft) for Seinfeld‘s “The Chinese Restaurant”
  • The third season of Dream On (1992, HBO)
  • The complete run of Ink (1996-1997, CBS)
  • The complete run of My World And Welcome To It (1969-1970, NBC)
  • The complete run of The Duck Factory (1984, NBC)
  • Your choice of any unreleased series that’s been covered on this site since 2013!

In second place were Michael KD and Bernie Dalton! They win digital copies of the third season of Dream On (1992, HBO) and a PDF of the table draft for Seinfeld‘s “The Chinese Restaurant.” I will be contacting each of the three above winners via email.

I sincerely want to thank everyone who played. As a show of gratitude, I will be emailing all participants with access to the third season of Dream On! I’m so grateful for your readership and am ceaselessly buoyed by your support and interest in the work I do here. You certainly help make it a joy! So, now, here are the answers to the contest (and let me know if, by chance, my score calculations were faulty)…


January 2017:

Best Season: MARRIED… WITH CHILDREN Season Eight

Best Episode: “Honey, I Blew Up Myself”

Best Performer: Ed O’Neill

February 2016:

Best Season: MURPHY BROWN Season Two

Best Episode: “Brown Like Me (I)”

Best Performer: Colleen Dewhurst

March 2016:

Best Season: MURPHY BROWN Season Six

Best Episode: “It’s Just Like Riding A Bike”

Best Performer: Candice Bergen

April 2016:

Best Season: SEINFELD Seasons One & Two

Best Episode: “The Chinese Restaurant”

Best Performer: Jason Alexander

May 2016:

Best Season: SEINFELD Season Five

Best Episode: “The Contest”

Best Performer: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

June 2016:

Best Season: DREAM ON Season Two

Best Episode: “The Yada Yada”

Best Performer: Brian Benben

July 2016:

Best Season: DREAM ON Season Three

Best Episode: “I Never Promised You Charoses, Martin”

Best Performer: Denny Dillon

August 2016:

Best Season: THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW Season Three

Best Episode: “Eight”

Best Performer: Jeffrey Tambor

September 2016:

Best Season: THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW Season Six

Best Episode: “Mrs. Newton’s Body Lies A-Mould’ring In The Grave”

Best Performer: Tom Poston

October 2016: 

Best Season: NEWHART Season Six

Best Episode: “Fun With Dick And Joanna”

Best Performer: Bob Newhart

November 2016:

Best Season: WINGS Season Three

Best Episode: “Goodbye, Old Friend”

Best Performer: Tony Shalhoub



Come back next Wednesday for another Wildcard post! And tune in Tuesday for more Wings!

6 thoughts on “The Results Are In: The 2017 BEST-OF-THE-BLOG Awards

    • Hi, Track! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I think I noted this at the start of NEWHART coverage, but I’m a big fan of Poston’s work on the series. As with the show’s star, he’s among the only regulars who I think embodies the “palpable humanity” that typified MTM’s earlier, brand-defining sitcoms.

      Regarding those other three series, I’ve promised to feature EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND here before this blog ends, and the other two are good possibilities within the next two years; stay tuned…

    • Hi, Ian! Thanks for reading, commenting, and playing!

      I’m glad you enjoyed your prize — stay tuned for next month’s Musical Theatre Monday post. Trust me: you’re going to LOVE it.

    • Hi, Charlie! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Not sure — I drafted a list earlier this year and came to the conclusion that with CHEERS and THE GOLDEN GIRLS dominating the other competition, it wasn’t as interesting a compilation as the ’70s’ had been. I’d like to make an ’80s list more varied, but with no current plans to give major coverage to any more of that decade’s sitcoms (although a few additional short-lived Wildcard entries are possible — like BEST OF THE WEST), it’s a tabled idea… for now!

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