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I’m Jackson Upperco, a 23-year-old graduate of Boston University, current student in the University of Southern California’s Writing for Screen & Television MFA program, and an aspiring sitcom writer, historian, and critic. I set up this blog in June 2013 with a simple mission: to seek and share the entertainment that I believe to be of quality, which as far as I’m concerned, means… entertainment that’s entertaining. Each day of the week is themed: Musical Theatre Monday (once a month), Sitcom Tuesday (weekly), Wildcard Wednesday (weekly) — and until 2016 when they were indefinitely retired, Xena Thursday, and Film Friday.

I love most of what I discuss here (I can’t say “everything” because I’ve covered The Ropers), but I’m not a normal customer. You see, this is more than a love; it’s my life. My entire existence has been built around the joyous study of particular entertainments, and I feel humbly equipped to critique, comment, and analyze based both on my feverish absorption of this material and my unending quest for passion-furthering knowledge. However, keep in mind that the search for quality, aside from being an entirely subjective venture in which there are no right answers (only well-articulated ideas), is not about anything other than finding the best; I’m not a Monday Morning Quarterback. I’m a Consumer Reporter — an opinionated one.

Discussion is encouraged — please feel free to join the conversation here. The only rule is mutual respect. Also, take the time to browse past posts and use the search bar, along with the extensive “tags” I use on every entry, to help locate specific topics. And if you like what you see, I’d be delighted if you’d subscribe. (It’s free. Just put in your email, confirm, and you’re set!)

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16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for posting that episode of MARY on YouTube. If you have more, I’d love it if you would post them too. Thanks. Ken Levine

    • Hi, Ken! Thanks for checking out my blog.

      I love your site, and am a big fan of your work. CHEERS is one of my absolute favorite sitcoms and it serves as such an exquisite example of comedy rooted in character. It’s one of the shows that has really inspired me as a writer.

      I do indeed have every episode of MARY, but they’re not with me at this time. I’ll have access to them again when I return back home next month. If you e-mail me at [redacted], I would be happy to send you all 13 episodes then!

      Thanks again, and please check back regularly — I cover sitcoms here every Tuesday!

    • Hi Track,

      Both NIGHT COURT and FRASIER will definitely be covered. MARTIN and BOY MEETS WORLD likely will not.

      In the meantime, stay tuned each Tuesday for more sitcoms of the ’70s!

  2. Jackson, you just amaze me! You always have since you were wee little! You have an awesome God given talent and it is a blessing to watch you grow and share your talents with others!

    • Hi, Susan Silver!

      I’m honored to have you here on my site. THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW is a paradigm of excellence, and many of your episodes are among my favorites! (Oh, what’d I’d give to be at MTM in the ’70s…)

      Stay tuned for coverage on my favorites from THE BOB NEWHART SHOW, which also includes some of your work!

  3. It gives me great hope that someone your age is as fond of old-school musicals and sitcoms as I am; 26 years old here. Consider myself a fairly old-fashioned fellow myself, and wish contemporary television and theatre would draw from their roots more. While I studied music in college, I’m now considering pursuing comedy writing myself. Currently living in NYC though – wrong choice of coast, eh? Any plans to review I DREAM OF JEANNIE? While I do love BEWITCHED, a staple of my childhood television diet was JEANNIE. Yes, I suppose it could be considered “inferior” in terms of originality, storytelling, character development, and continuity, but it now feels less dated to me than BEWITCHED. Somehow, it has retained more of a freshness to my eye. Besides, who wouldn’t want to live in that bejeweled room inside her bottle?!

  4. Hi, I love your blog! Lots of bloggers share their enthusiasms with the world, but you do a particularly good job of adding incisive commentary about the movies, TV shows, and musicals that you present. So you not only raise our awareness, you enhance our appreciation. Well done!

    Thanks for offering to send recordings of rarely performed shows. I would love to have both of the recordings of “Gay Divorce” that you mentioned. Also “Jubilee” and “Three Sisters” (and any other Kern or Porter). Forgive my audio greed — I don’t know where else I could obtain these recordings. . . .

    • Hi, Scott! Thanks for reading, commenting, and subscribing!

      And thank you so much for your very kind words. I have emailed you at your earthlink address.

      Oh, and don’t worry about asking for too much — it’s a pleasure to share with others the stuff that brings me joy! (Just be sure to comment on the individual posts; it’s easier to keep track of requests that way.)

  5. At one point you noted that 126 of the 130 Our Miss Brooks episodes were on youtube. I take it that for whatever reason most are now off youtube?

    • Hi, Bob. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      There’s a July 2014 addendum at the bottom of each OUR MISS BROOKS post that confirms CBS’ removal of the series from YouTube. The show has since been remastered for syndication, and so far, one episode has been broadcast on DECADES. Hopefully there’ll be more soon.

  6. Hi, Jackson! I just wanted to say (again) how much I enjoy reading your blog and cannot wait to see what other series you will cover after you have concluded your coverage of “Cheers.” Also, what is your opinion overall on “Barney Miller”? I would love to know since so much of the show — character-driven comedy, set almost exclusively within one location — seems right up your proverbial alley.

    • Hi, Rashad! BARNEY MILLER has been brought up in the comments of several posts here. I’ve tried several times to get into the series, but I simply don’t like it enough to warrant several months of coverage. The energy doesn’t quite work for me and I find the comedy VERY hit and miss. So I have no plans to feature the series here in any capacity at this time. However, I will be covering NIGHT COURT (following MAMA’S FAMILY), which was created by one of BARNEY MILLER’s most prolific writers. Stay tuned . . .

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