Coming Attractions

Here are some things you can expect in the months ahead on That’s Entertainment! 


Situation Comedy Tuesdays

The Drew Carey Show (October – December 2018)

After that? Look forward to Just Shoot Me!, 
3rd Rock From The Sun, Everybody Loves Raymond, and more...


Wildcard Wednesdays

Pre-Code Essentials/Profiles (Beginning June 2016; monthly)

The Jack Benny Program (Beginning August 2016; bi-monthly) ***Returning Feb. 2019***

The Return of Xena: Warrior Princess (Beginning September 2017; bi-monthly)

And much more… 


Musical Theatre Mondays

Wildcard Series (The third Monday of every month)




Last Updated: December 04, 2018


30 thoughts on “Coming Attractions

    • Hi, R! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I have no plans at this time to dedicate Sitcom Tuesday coverage to any show that premiered after 1999 (that’s where the internal contract with myself currently ends), but if I do ever move into the 21st century (which, theoretically, is appealing), I will consider the series!

    • Hi, Charlie! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I haven’t seen confirmation of the March release yet, but it fits the timetable that’s been set by the last few seasons, so I hope and assume you’re right! As for scheduling the series here, unless a planned show with a similar longevity falls out at the last minute, I don’t foresee breaking momentum and reversing course to cover NEWHART until I’m finished discussing all the shows premiering in the ’90s that strike my fancy.

      But NEWHART will be covered here eventually — that’s a promise!

  1. I’d love to see a Wildcard Wednesday devoted to GOOD & EVIL, the last of Susan Harris’ three serialized comedies. (And I did my duty and voted for THE JOHN LARROQUETTE SHOW.)

    • Hi, Red Herring! Thanks for reading, commenting, and voting.

      Regarding GOOD & EVIL, your interest in the series is duly noted (again). As previously mentioned, it remains a possibility, but neither in the foreseeable future nor of pressing interest. Frankly, I can think of no occasion within the next 18 months in which discussing another Susan Harris series makes sense, but you never know; stay tuned…

    • Hi, Track! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      My current intent is to follow the order listed above, which will take us through the summer of 2018.

    • Hi, Joanne! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I’ve no plans for any more HITCHY KOO posts at the moment — but stay tuned for a REALLY exciting Musical Theatre Monday next week!

    • Hi, Lisa! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      The ’70s/’80s version? No plans at this time. The current version? Ditto.

  2. Hi Jackson,

    Apologies if you’ve answered this elsewhere but I was wondering what you think of King of Queens and do you intend to cover it here?

    Many thanks.

    • Hi, Jeremy! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Possibly — but it’s just the opposite: I won’t cover any series currently producing new installments, so if I do look at ROSEANNE here, it’ll have to be a while from now.

  3. Hi! I have been reading your sitcom analysis for years now, since I stumbled upon your posts when you were covering “The Dick Van Dyke Show”. I went back and read everything you’d done prior to that and have since kept up with Sitcom Tuesdays (and many related Wild Card Wednesdays) ever since. In fact, your current posts on Friends has made me start watching my DVDs of the series once again (I just started season 2 this morning!)
    Our taste in sitcoms are very similar and you’ve covered almost all of my favorites over the years. One truly missing is “The Andy Griffith Show”, which I figured you didn’t cover because it’s a single camera series, but I know you’ve covered other single camera shows, such as Bewitched, Gilligan and Green Acres. However, I recently stumbled across a post from several years ago stating you weren’t covering TAGS because you didn’t yet own the entire series on DVD. Now that it’s available to stream on several platforms, will you be going back to cover? Also, you’ve grown so much in your analysis over the years and your posts are much more detailed that they were when I first started following you. I know you said you’ll eventually go back and revisit your “I Love Lucy” posts when you’re done covering all the others, but will you redo other early series as well? I’d love to see a more analytical, detailed analysis of another of my very favorites, “The Dick Van Dyke Show”.
    Also, I swear you covered “The Munsters” at one point – or did I make that up? I can’t seem to find the posts when I Google for them, but I really thought I remembered reading them! Also, what about “I Dream of Jeannie”?
    Thanks for all the time you put into your blog! I really have enjoyed it!

    • Hi, Derek! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I have since acquired THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW and it’s definitely a candidate for future coverage, as are THE MUNSTERS (which I have not yet discussed) and I DREAM OF JEANNIE. I make no promises, but they’re all on my radar. Also, I’d love to do an eleventh hour revisit of THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW (and THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW) in addition to I LOVE LUCY, but that’ll be a matter of scheduling when the time comes to finish things up here.

      Thanks for your kind words — I really appreciate them, and I’m so grateful for your interest and support!

  4. Hi Jackson. I love reading your sitcom critiques. I am a big fan of British sitcoms. Would you ever consider covering British TV in addition to American TV? What about dramas in addition to comedies? Also, I wondered if you plan to cover any of the following shows: Get Smart, MASH, Everybody Loves Raymond.

    • Hi, David! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I thought in the past about covering a few Britcoms, but aside from FAWLTY TOWERS, that’s yet to occur. Truthfully, there are so many American shows to discuss (and they’re inherently my preference), that I don’t feel I have enough time to cross the pond in a meaningful way.

      I’ve done a few dramas (PEYTON PLACE being the most notable) and don’t have any plans to do any more. Because they’re not as hard to write as comedies, it’s more difficult to offer nuanced discussion. Additionally, covering them requires a lot of time and effort and they’re never popular. Thus, I’ve found that dramas are a lose-lose for this website and don’t jibe with what I have to do to ensure original material here every week.

      M*A*S*H has been discussed several times before in the comments on this blog. I don’t feel capable of making an 11-week commitment to a series that I find more heavy-handed and dramatic than character-driven and comedic.

      GET SMART is a possibility when we circle back to shows from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s that I neglected in my first pass. I can’t say it’s a favorite, but the Leonard Stern connection makes it hard to ignore.

      Now some good news for you: EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND is one of my favorites and this blog was established with the intention of making the series one of its tentpoles. Look for it sometime within the first half of 2019.

      • Thanks for replying! I completely understand your feelings about MASH. I like the show but it often feels more like a drama with comedic moments than a true sitcom. I look forward to your posts about Raymond, one of the funniest shows of the 90s.

    • Hi, Paul! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I have not yet committed to featuring shows that premiered in the 21st century, but if/when I do, THE OFFICE would be a staple of its era’s coverage here.

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