Supplemental Cole Porter: Again with LA REVUE DES AMBASSADEURS

Welcome to a new Musical Theatre Monday! In this month’s entry, I’m sharing — for subscribers who comment below to alert me of their interest — two audios of Cole Porter’s 1928 score for La Revue des Ambassadeurs (“The Ambassador Revue”), which opened 90 years ago this month! We first discussed it here back in 2015. If you’ll remember from that post, I opted not to share an audio of the one-night only 2014 New York concert production — using the recently rediscovered orchestrations — because a professional CD release was allegedly in the offing… But, nearly four years later, it seems that plan has fallen by the wayside. So, for those subscribers who are interested, I am offering my live audio now. Here’s an excerpt.

Also, for subscribers, I’m offering the 2013 radio broadcast of the Parisian concert production. It doesn’t use the original orchestrations (because this was before they were discovered), but it’s better sound quality. Here’s a sample.

The more Cole Porter, the better, right? So, comment below and let me know of your interest!



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