The Fifty Best Episodes of HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS (43-50)

Welcome to a new Xena Thursday! As a result of the popularity of my Hercules reviews and some requests I’ve personally received, today’s entry, echoing our initial Xena offerings, is the first in a series of posts counting down my picks for the fifty best episodes of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (which also celebrated its 20th anniversary this year). While each of my initial posts on every Herc episode listed a few MVEs, you’ll notice that some seasons are much better than others — they’re not of equal quality. In other words, all the MVEs (and some non-MVEs) from early Season Two may be listed before any of the MVEs from the second half of Season Five, and because all of those choices were designed to represent only their specific season/half-season, the accompanying posts cannot properly reflect the true determination of qualitative preference and strength. Instead, these seven entries can serve as a reference for both hardcore fans, curious Xenites, and anyone interested in partaking in the fun that is Hercules. While Xena is far and away my preference, this series has such a lot to offer, and I’m certain that if you want to find it, you will.


43. Season 5, Episode 19: “Once Upon A Future King” (Aired: 04/26/99 | Filmed: 02/10 – 02/19/99)

A young Merlin enlists Hercules to save Britain from a cruel and calculating tyrant — Arthur of Camelot.

Written by Gene O’Neill & Noreen Tobin | Directed by Mark Beesley | Production No. V0722

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44. Season 3, Episode 21: “A Rock And A Hard Place” (Aired: 05/05/97 | Filmed: 03/14 – 03/21/97)

When a murder suspect escapes and flees into an old mine, only Hercules and Iolaus can keep a vengeful mob away until the crime is solved.

Written by Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman | Directed by Robert Trebor | Production No. V0128


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45. Season 6, Episode 1: “Be Deviled” (Aired: 09/27/99 | Filmed: 04/22 – 05/03/99)

Hercules meets a Serena lookalike who persuades him to help her return one of his enemies to Hades.

Written by Paul Robert Coyle | Directed by Mark Beesley | Production No. V1102

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46. Season 5, Episode 21: “My Best Girl’s Wedding” (Aired: 05/10/99 | Filmed: 03/03 – 03/10/99)

Fishermen Hercules and Iolaus 2 get second chances at the ones that got away — Serena and the mermaid Nautica.

Written by Gerry Conway | Directed by Andrew Merrifield | Production No. V0727

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47. Season 1, Episode 5: “Ares” (Aired: 02/13/95 | Filmed: 10/06 – 10/14/94)

Hercules confronts his half brother Ares, the god of war, in his attempt to prevent a teen-age boy from becoming one of the evil deity’s soldiers.

Written by Steve Roberts | Directed by Harley Cokeliss | Production No. 76603


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48. Season 6, Episode 3: “Rebel With A Cause” (Aired: 10/11/99 | Filmed: 07/02 – 07/13/99)

Hercules and Oedipus battle the ruthless Creon to help Antigone assume her rightful position as Queen of Thebes.

Written by Lisa Klink | Directed by Garth Maxwell | Production No. V1104

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49. Season 5, Episode 14: “Just Passing Through” (Aired: 02/08/99 | Filmed: 05/04 – 05/11/98; 07/09-07/10/98)

While traveling with Iolaus 2, Herc recalls a “typical” day with Iolaus. It involves a stolen gem, Autolycus (of course), and a curse that could destroy an entire village.

Written by Gene O’Neill & Noreen Tobin | Directed by Charles Siebert | Production No. V0702

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50. Season 3, Episode 4: “Mummy Dearest” (Aired: 10/21/96 | Filmed: 06/12 – 06/20/96)

Herc gets mixed up with a Pharaoh’s seductive daughter, a hungry mummy, a dead king’s ghost and Salmoneus’s “House of Horrors.”

Written by Melissa Rosenberg | Directed by Anson Williams | Production No. V0108


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