A Live TV Musical: HIT THE DECK (1950)

Welcome to a new Musical Theatre Monday! In today’s entry, I’m sharing a rare audio recording — songs only — of the live December 11th, 1950 TV broadcast of the Vincent Youmans musical Hit The Deck (1927), which opened on Broadway 90 years ago this month and was first covered here back in 2015. This production aired just once on NBC’s Musical Comedy Time and featured John Beal, Iva Withers, Helen Dowdy, and Jack Gilford. Songs include: “Join The Navy,” “Looloo,” “What’s A Kiss Among Friends?” (incomplete), “Harbor Of My Heart,” “Shore Leave,” “Lucky Bird,” “Sometimes I’m Happy,” “Why, Oh Why?,” and “Hallelujah!”


Musical Comedy Time: Hit The Deck (Aired: 12/11/50, NBC)





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