The 2022 Holiday Contest (Rules)

Welcome to a new Wildcard Wednesday! This week, I’m introducing the rules to this year’s annual holiday contest! For 2022, I’m asking you to guess my TEN FAVORITE sitcom seasons that I’ve covered this past year on Sitcom Tuesdays — well, to make it interesting, I’m also including December 2021’s selections (and this week’s Living Single). That means, I’m asking you to list the ten seasons that I would call MY favorites out of the following:

  1. Family Ties Season One
  2. Family Ties Season Two
  3. Family Ties Season Three
  4. Family Ties Season Four
  5. Family Ties Season Five
  6. Family Ties Season Six
  7. Family Ties Season Seven
  8. Kate & Allie Season One
  9. Kate & Allie Season Two
  10. Kate & Allie Season Three
  11. Kate & Allie Season Four
  12. Kate & Allie Season Five
  13. Kate & Allie Season Six
  14. Roseanne Season One
  15. Roseanne Season Two
  16. Roseanne Season Three
  17. Roseanne Season Four
  18. Roseanne Season Five
  19. Roseanne Season Six
  20. Roseanne Season Seven
  21. Roseanne Season Eight
  22. Roseanne Season Nine
  23. Empty Nest Season One
  24. Empty Nest Season Two
  25. Empty Nest Season Three
  26. Empty Nest Season Four
  27. Empty Nest Season Five
  28. Empty Nest Season Six
  29. Empty Nest Season Seven
  30. Evening Shade Season One
  31. Evening Shade Season Two
  32. Evening Shade Season Three
  33. Evening Shade Season Four
  34. The Nanny Season One
  35. The Nanny Season Two
  36. The Nanny Season Three
  37. The Nanny Season Four
  38. The Nanny Season Five
  39. The Nanny Season Six
  40. Martin Season One
  41. Martin Season Two
  42. Martin Season Three
  43. Martin Season Four
  44. Martin Season Five
  45. Living Single Season One

All you have to do is pick what you think are my ten favorite seasons — in no particular order (that is, they’re not ranked) — and leave your guesses in the comment section below before the competition closes on Monday, December 19 at 10pm EST. Remember, there could be multiple seasons per series or none at all. Use my commentary as your guide.

Now, as to the prizes…. For those who manage to get five or more guesses correct, I will send you a digital copy of every episode of the Valerie Harper sitcom City (1990). And for those who get a perfect score, I’ll also send over the complete run of the underrated but short-lived Shaping Up (1984). Both are worth having! Please note: you have to be a subscriber to play.

I will announce the answers and winners two weeks from now! Happy guessing!



Come back next week for a new Wildcard! And stay tuned Tuesday for more Martin!