A Pictorial Tribute To The Radiant Joan Crawford

Welcome to another Film Friday! This is the last post written from Orlando; I’m returning to Boston today for my sophomore year at BU! So today’s post will be a relatively text-free one. In lieu of a film review, today’s entry is simply a pictorial tribute to 1930’s Joan Crawford, whom we’re wrapping up with here on That’s Entertainment! Please enjoy some of my favorite images of the radiant Ms. Crawford.










Tune in next Friday for a new star and a new Film Friday post! And remember to return on Monday for another whole week of fun on That’s Entertainment! 

2 thoughts on “A Pictorial Tribute To The Radiant Joan Crawford

  1. Gorgeous pictures of Miss Crawford. Would love to see a blog about one of my favorite Crawford pictures, the 1932 United Artists release, “Rain”.

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