Teaser: Upcoming Blog Series on Jean Harlow

Welcome to another Film Friday! Today concludes my first week of posts direct to you from Boston, where I’m currently attending Boston University. As the semester gets underway, I will do my absolute best to continue blogging five days a week without sacrificing the quality of the content. If this proves impossible, I will be cutting back on the frequency of my posts. (That’s a last resort, though!) I spend approximately twenty hours a week writing and researching for this blog, and it’s a definite commitment — but one that I welcome. I’m sharing all this with you for a reason: Film Fridays require more research and time than most of the other posts (save Musical Theatre Mondays and select Wildcard Wednesdays). In addition to obtaining and viewing films, I try my best to give you a fair and informative opinion with research, often emphasizing the blog’s currently featured star. Admittedly, that takes some time.


My intention is to continue with the posts in a series and move onto another of MGM’s ’30s goddesses — Jean Harlow. I have obtained a handful of Harlow films, some that I’ve yet to watch. Instead of beginning that series with today’s post, I’m going to tease you by announcing that the series on Harlow will start NEXT week, hopefully giving me some time to catch up on my Harlow viewing and formulate some thoughts. So as I become re-acclimated with dorm living and 16-hour school weeks, please forgive another simple film Friday post.


But in anticipation of next week, please enjoy these theatrical trailers for some of the Jean Harlow films that I’ll soon be highlighting on Film Fridays!


Hell’s Angels (1930)


The Public Enemy (1931)


Red Dust (1932)


Dinner At Eight (1933)




Be sure to tune in next Friday as we start our Harlow series, after another whole new week of fun on That’s Entertainment! 

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