THE BEST OF JACKSON: A One-Year Anniversary

Welcome to another Wildcard Wednesday! Though yesterday marked the official one year anniversary of That’s Entertainment!, we’re taking today’s post to celebrate. I’ve written over 260 — 52 weeks worth of — originals posts. That’s a lot! And, honestly, there were times when I wished I could have pressed a button on my computer and aired a rerun. But I didn’t, and I have no intentions to do so (anytime soon, anyway). But, from the rerun idea, I thought it would be nice to take today’s entry to feature five of my favorite posts from this past year. A sort of highlight reel, if you will — THE BEST OF JACKSON!


Musical Theatre Monday – September 30, 2013 – “Ripe For Revival – 1937 Edition”


The 1937 edition in our series on musicals “Ripe For Revival” featured the Arlen/Harburg anti-war farce, Hooray For What!, which originally starred Ed Wynn and Vivian Vance. With great tunes, a surprisingly fun script, and some cool home movies, this was a musical I was most proud to share. (It even caught the attention of the Harburg foundation!) Read it again here.

Situation Comedy Tuesday – May 06, 2014 – “The Twelve Best Episodes of HE & SHE”


Is anyone surprised that my favorite Sitcom Tuesday post would be on the criminally unknown He & She (1967-1968, CBS), [a.k.a. the best single season multi-camera sitcom ever produced]? Starring Dick Benjamin, Paula Prentiss, and Jack Cassidy, this hilarious and brilliantly written series has not yet been released on DVD. Read why it should be here.

Wildcard Wednesday – February 12, 2014 – “Ten From YOUR SHOW OF SHOWS (and CAESAR’S HOUR)”


It was sheer coincidence that the very day I published my post on some of my favorite clips from Sid Caesar’s television career would also be the day that the 91-year-old comedian ultimately passed away. Though initially worried that my post was a jinx, the resulting traffic to the site meant that, not only was my viewership up, but that many new (and old) fans were getting to see some great Caesarian comedy. See those clips again here.

Xena: Warrior Princess Thursday – November 14, 2013 – “The Sixty Best Episodes of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (Number One)”


Yes, the climactic post in the legendary countdown of my picks for the best episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess is not only one of the most visited links on my site — to this day — but I was personally proud of my thoughtful commentary on the episode and its importance in the series as a collective whole. Read more about “The Ides Of March” and see the full list of sixty here.

Film Friday – August 16, 2013 – “Spotlight: Sexy Pre-Code Crawford Meets Sexy Pre-Code Garbo”


My post on the miraculous Grand Hotel (1932), still stands as one of my favorite film analyses that I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing. Not only is the picture, which sees the meeting of Crawford, Beery, and two Barrymores — while also giving us the divine GARBO, a crowning achievement in Pre-Code cinema, but my post is also incredibly insightful. Check it out again here.



Come back next Wednesday for another Wildcard post! And tune in tomorrow for more Xena!

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  1. Hi Jackson, congratulations on the one year anniversary. Your hard work has paid off. You consistently do interesting and fun posts. I look forward to future posts for many years to come.

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