SPOTLIGHT: Sizzling Pre-Code Stanwyck (XII)

Welcome to a new Film Friday and the continuation of our spotlight series on the Pre-Code work of Barbara Stanwyck (1907-1990), one of Hollywood’s most respected leading ladies. Known for her snarky and cigarette-filled performances, many of Stanwyck’s Pre-Code films have become notorious for their delightful disinterest in adhering to the provisions of the 1930 Production Code. Surprisingly, we’d only featured one Stanwyck film here before, Night Nurse (1931). So far in this survey of her work, we have covered Ladies Of Leisure (1930), Illicit (1931), Ten Cents A Dance (1931), The Miracle Woman (1931),  Forbidden (1932), Shopworn (1932),  So Big! (1932), The Purchase Price (1932), The Bitter Tea Of General Yen (1933), Ladies They Talk About (1933), and Baby Face (1933). Today…


Ever In My Heart (1933)


During World War I, a woman suspects her husband of being a German spy. Starring Barbara Stanwyck, Otto Kruger, Ralph Bellamy, Ruth Donnelly, and Laura Hope Crews. Screenplay by Bertram Milhauser. Story by Beulah Marie Dix and Bertram Milhauser. Directed by Archie Mayo.



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