From Page To Stage: A Look at the CHEERS Second Season Finale

Welcome to another Wildcard Wednesday! I recently acquired multiple drafts of the second season finale of Cheers, “I’ll Be Seeing You” (parts I & II). They serve as a fascinating example of how great writers take funny material and make it hysterical. Narratively, the only major change you’ll see is that in the initial version, Sam knows at the end of Part I that Diane will pose for Semenko, never issuing the ultimatum that, in the broadcast version, leads to their climactic fight. Without Diane deliberately going against Sam’s wishes, he comes across as overwhelmingly at fault for their split, picking a fight for no reason. Giving him a legitimate reason to be angry at Diane allows them to share culpability. It’s a very smart change.



Here’s the first draft, 01/26/84, of both parts.

cheers221first               cheers222first

Here’s the revised 01/27/84 draft of Part I.


Here’s the revised final draft, 01/30/84, of both parts.

cheers221final               cheers222final

Here’s the revisions for Part II, dated 02/01/84.




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