More Musical Theatre Rarities: Merman, Whiting, & More!

Welcome to another Wildcard Wednesday! With weekly Musical Theatre Monday entries winding down, I feel the need this week — and next week — to share some of the remaining gems in my collection. While the following Wildcard post will contend with a singular gem that I know you’ll enjoy, today I wanted to share a few newer acquisitions in relation to shows that we covered long ago on Musical Theatre Mondays. The first is an excerpt taken from the 1956 TV production Paris In Springtime, which was released on DVD just last year. The reason it’s most notable is that it offers us the rare opportunity to hear original cast member Jack Whiting sing “Down With Love,” a number that he helped introduce in the original production of Hooray For What! (1937), one of my all-time favorite forgotten musicals and one we discussed way back in 2013. Below is the audio of Whiting performing the number with Helen Gallagher.

The second is a live — in theatre — rendition of “I’ve Still Got My Health,” as performed by Ethel Merman in the original production of Panama Hattie (1940). I only have three live tracks from this show, two of which I shared in our post on the score back in 2014, so today I’m delighted to share this final cut!

And the last treat is available for subscribers only — a songs-only audio of a 1983 New Amsterdam Theatre production of Jerome Kern’s The Night Boat (1920), discussed on a Musical Theatre Monday in 2014. Comment below if interested!




Come back next Wednesday for another musical theatre related Wildcard post! And tune in on Monday for the first in our final original series on Musical Theatre Monday!

16 thoughts on “More Musical Theatre Rarities: Merman, Whiting, & More!

  1. Hi Jackson, How great to hear Ethel Merman live. I’m sorry I never got to see her in a show. I’d love to hear The Night Boat concert recording from 1983. Thanks!

  2. Hello Jackson, Thanks for your wesite. Your collection is amazing, and I thought I was doing OK. You have many recordings I would love to download, but YouTube no longer allows. Is there another way? Please advise. Terence Erkkila

    • Hi, Terence! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      YouTube videos can be downloaded into mp3s using a variety of free online programs about which you can Google and learn more!

  3. Anything by Merman is a pleasure to hear especially a live performance. Hope you have more goodies you are going to share in the future. Love you blog. Please share the NIGHT BOAT show with me.

  4. Hi Jackson! I’m so sorry to see the inevitable end of Musical Mondays, how am I going to get my week started now? Thank you so much for all the wonderful music
    and especially the wonderful recording of “High Button Shoes”. I’ve loved the cast album for years, but never saw the show, now I’ve at least heard it! Please send me the recording of “The Night Boat” and again, many many thanks to you!

  5. Hi Jackson, thank you for this great post. To be able to hear Jack Whiting sing “Down With Love” is such an unexpected delight. And I had no idea audio existed of that Night Boat concert in 1983. Any chance you would be able to share that with me? Thank you!

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