Merman’s 109th: Her Paramount Shorts

Welcome to our first Musical Theatre Monday of the new year! Every third Monday of the month, I’ll be sharing more musical theatre goodies from my collection! In celebration of today’s 109th anniversary of Ethel Merman’s birth — on January 16, 1908 — I’m sharing all ten of the shorts (in release, not production, order) that the iconic diva made for Paramount between 1930 and 1933. Most of these have been put on the internet before, but never aggregated.


01) Her Future (1930)

Songs: “My Future Just Passed” and “Sing, You Sinners”

02) Devil Sea (1931)

Songs: “Devil Sea” and “I’ve Got My Man”

03) Roaming (1931)

Songs: “Hello, My Lover, Goodbye” and “Shake Well Before Using”

04) Old Man Blues (1932)

Songs: “Old Man Blues” and “He Doesn’t Love Me Anymore”

05) Let Me Call You Sweetheart (1932)

Song: “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”

06) Ireno (1932)

Songs: “Shadows On The Wall” and “Wipe That Frown Right Off Your Face”

07) You Try Somebody Else (1932)

Song: “You Try Somebody Else”

08) Time On My Hands (1932)

Song: “Time On My Hands”

09) Be Like Me (1933)

Songs: “After You’ve Gone” and “Be Like Me”

10) Song Shopping (1933)

Songs: “I’m Yours” and “Sing, You Sinners”


BONUS: For subscribed readers interested in obtaining a live audio of Merman’s last concert engagement — Daytona Beach, February 1983 — please comment below! Here’s an excerpt.



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