Another Surprise (and Patriotic) Musical Theatre Monday!

Welcome to a new Musical Theatre Monday! As I did during this week last year, I’ve decided to bump this month’s musical theatre post two weeks ahead, so you can celebrate Independence Day with something charmingly feel-good and patriotic, like George M!

This 1968 musical told the story of George M. Cohan, the theatrical legend famous for the evergreen anthem “Give My Regards To Broadway,” and several American classics, including “The Yankee Doodle Boy” and “You’re A Grand Old Flag” — all of which were featured in this production. Joel Grey starred as the eponymous hero (a role Cagney played in the 1942 film, Yankee Doodle Dandy), alongside Betty Ann Grove, Jamie Donnelly, Jerry Dodge, Jill O’Hara, Harvey Evans, and Bernadette Peters.

This month, I’m sharing — for subscribers who comment below to let me know of their interest — access to the complete 1970 TV production, which was broadcast by NBC on September 12, 1970, and featured Grey and Peters recreating their stage roles alongside an all-star cast that included Jack Cassidy, Anita Gillette, Red Buttons, Blythe Danner, Lewis J. Stadlen, Jesse White, and Nanette Fabray. It’s a whole lotta fun — here’s an excerpt. Happy 4th!



Come back tomorrow for more Mad About YouAnd tune in on the third Monday in August for more Musical Theatre rarities!

34 thoughts on “Another Surprise (and Patriotic) Musical Theatre Monday!

  1. Jackson, don’t think I’ve ever seen this. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ll be watching it on the 4th.

  2. I would love to see this. I just finished taking a month long online course about movie musicals, offered by Turner Classic Movies & Ball State University and I can’t see enough of them. Unfortunately life and work have limited the time available to watch them. :)

    • Hi, Kim! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I have emailed you at your stokesvideo address.

  3. Wow! That’s an amazing cast for the TV production. I’d love to get the link. And as always, thank you for finding and offering it, Jackson.

    — Lloyd S

  4. I remember seeing it (and loving it) and loving it when it first aired. Would be wonderful to get to see it again! Thanks in advance for sharing it!

    • Hi, Mark! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I have emailed you at your workingpositive address.

  5. Wow! Jackson, I have been trying to find this video for years! Please send! I had the pleasure of playing the roles of Sam Harris, E.F. Albee, Louis Behman and Director of “I’d Rather Be Right” in George M! at the Country Dinner Playhouse in St. Petersburg, Florida way back in the early 1980’s. Bruce Lea, who was in “Irene” with Debbie Reynolds on Broadway played George M. Cohan. Thank you again for all the wonderful treasures you’ve sent

    • Hey Jackson. I have not received the file yet, is there a problem?
      Just concerned…

      • Michael, I respond to every comment here as a form of receipt. There’s no need for concern unless, after I’ve replied to your request with my usual notice, you still haven’t received an email. Before that time, you can assume that I just haven’t sent it.

        I try to be timely in filling requests when I offer things here, but I am beholden to the demands of my schedule and make no promises on response time. Thanks for understanding.

  6. Having Musical Theatre Monday moved up for to help celebrate Independence Day is indeed a treat! I’ve “seen” this broadcast a couple of times in my life–when it was first on when I was 8, and then decades later in a really miserable quality copy that was so hard to watch I couldn’t make it through. The main thing I recall is that it’s less a filming of the stage show than it is a TV special riff on the same material. That and since that was right around the time Bernadette Peters would have started showing up on The Carol Burnett Show as a recurring guest, her presence made an big impression on me at the time. At any rate, thanks for sharing as always, and I’d love to see the whole production again.

    • Hi, Greg! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I have emailed you at your gmail address. This is much better quality.

      (And stay tuned for something else Bernadette Peters related in this week’s Wildcard Wednesday…)

  7. I hope I’m not too late. I would love to see the entire TV production of this wonderful show.

    • Hi, Brian! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      You’re never too late here — just subscribe to this blog using your preferred email address and I will send this your way!

    • Hi, Aaron! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Please subscribe to this blog using your preferred email address and I will send a link your way!

  8. I vaguely recall seeing this back in 1970 when it was first broadcast, but I would love the opportunity to see it again! THANKS!

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