YOU NEVER KNOW What Might Be Coming Up Here…

Welcome to a new Musical Theatre Monday! This month, I’m offering to subscribers — who comment below with interest — access to an audio recording of Musicals Tonight!’s 2009 production of Cole Porter’s You Never Know (covered here back in 2014). You can check out more on the show and the score in the above linked post, but I also recommend seeking out Cliff Eisen’s piece on the original production in 2016’s A Cole Porter Companion, found here.

Notable about this 2009 production is that, unlike the two cast recordings, there are no interpolations from other Porter works; it’s all material that was originally included in You Never Know as it was first seen in 1938, along with numbers that were specifically written (and then cut) for the production — by Porter. That is, the original mounting of the show included additions by other composers, but Musicals Tonight! focused its reworked book exclusively around the songs by its primary tunesmith. His deleted material, most of which has been recorded (and commercially released) elsewhere, is a mixed bag, and of Porter’s Broadway efforts that haven’t been recorded, I’m afraid there are no lost gems… However, being that this is the only place you’ll hear stuff like “I Am Gaston” and “Good Evening, Princess” (sampled below) — along with a few others — this is an item that Porter enthusiasts won’t want to miss!

And, though it isn’t Porter, here’s another heretofore unavailable number from You Never Know: Dana Suesse’s “No (You Can’t Have My Heart),” taken from a live audio of a 1938 edition of the Broadway-By-The-Year series. Originally a duet for Libby Holman and Clifton Webb, this bluesy, electric tune — quintessential Holman — is performed by Barbara Walsh.



Come back next month for a new Musical Theatre Monday! And stay tuned tomorrow for more Friends!

24 thoughts on “YOU NEVER KNOW What Might Be Coming Up Here…

  1. Thank you for this update. I have the version available on CD, but would certainly relish having this 2009 production. BTW, I have a nice recording of a BBC concert of One Touch of Venus. If you don’t already have it, I would be happy to send it your way.

    • Hi, Philip! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I have that VENUS BBC audio, but I appreciate your generous offer and have emailed you at your runbox address.

  2. I’d like to have this audio recording. Thanks for sharing!

    I have to say that I’ve become a much bigger Cole Porter fan since I’ve started following your blog. I’ll definitely check out the book you recommended. If there’s anything I can share with you, let me know.

  3. Hi Jackson,

    I would really appreciate a copy of this recording to add to the collection you have already sent me. Many thanks,


  4. Hi, Jackson! As a Cole Porter enthusiast, I would love to have the MT recording. Thanks (as always) for bringing these forgotten works to light! –Scott

  5. Porter is one of my favorite . Would love to hear the show as it was written without any additions. Always look forward to your blogs to hear more old musicals.

  6. Good morning Jackson! I have a very dear friend, an actor and director who said to me the other day “You know more about Musical Theatre than anybody I’ve ever met!” I told him, Just wait until you meet Jackson Upperco! Yes, you have taught me a lot! Please send You Never Know.

  7. I somehow missed your post on this show the first half time around, nor do I know this show. I’d love to listen to the recordings you have to share. Thanks, Jackson! Who doesn’t need a little more Cole Porter in their lives?!

  8. Hello, Jackson, I just found your offer of the Musicals Tonight! recording of You Never Know. I would be very happy to get a copy. Many thanks in advance, and thank you for your blog!

  9. Discovering another Cole Porter musical is so delightful. May I have a copy of You’ll Never Know audio that you are offering.

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