Thanks For Your Feedback Last Week!

Welcome to a new Wildcard Wednesday! First, I want to thank you all for your terrific feedback last week. I asked what show you’d like to see on Sitcom Tuesdays in the remaining weeks of 2019 and in turn got a wonderful array of unique, persuasive responses. I wish I had the time to cover everything you all want to see here, but because that’s not the case, I just want to update you on what your comments have ultimately persuaded me to do…

I have decided to take the last eight weeks of 2019 and cover the initial eight-season run of Will & Grace. This show seemed to elicit the most responses here and, frankly, it makes more sense right now to move forward in our timeline — late ’90s, turn-of-the-century — instead of throwing back to the earlier part of the decade. Also, I believe Will & Grace is one of the staples of the Must See TV phenomenon and since that block of programming has gotten a lot of exposure here, I look forward to closing out that chapter on the blog with this very funny and still popular series. (As for the three-year revival? Look for it later in 2020.)

However, since I am going back in time, starting in January, to provide coverage on some previously overlooked comedies from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s, I have decided to expand that timeframe and leave the figurative door open to the possibility of featuring several of the other sitcoms mentioned last week, but specifically, Roseanne, a show whose significance within the genre can’t be denied (even though I maintain that Married… With Children was doing the same thing earlier and with more comedic abandon). There’s a lot that I haven’t covered yet that I’d like to feature here, so I hope you’ll all “stay tuned!”

And thanks again for the variety of responses — you really did help me make up my mind! As a show of gratitude, here’s a sitcom treat… Since next month marks the 50th anniversary of the premiere of the short-lived classic My World And Welcome To It (1969-1970, NBC), here’s a copy of one of my favorite episodes (discussed here) — the 19th broadcast outing, “‘Dear’ Is A Four-Letter Word,” originally shown on January 19, 1970.



Come back next week for another Wildcard post! And stay tuned Tuesday for more King Of Queens!

7 thoughts on “Thanks For Your Feedback Last Week!

  1. When you double back to previous eras, the question is, whether you will cover any of those long-running series for which you have no particular love, but which are nonetheless iconic, such as M*A*S*H, HAPPY DAYS, ONE DAY AT A TIME, etc. I share your ambivalence about each of the aforementioned shows, but I would especially love to see M*A*S*H get the full Upperco treatment, for better or worse.

    • Hi, Guy! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I’d have to say “probably not” to the shows you mentioned, but “definitely yes” to the question more broadly — and also, my thoughts have evolved on some things since this blog began back in 2013, so keep that in mind!

  2. Hey good choices but I’m curious I know you were recovering certain 50s and 60s sitcoms but which sitcom from the 70s you wanted to retrace

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