Welcome to a new Wildcard Wednesday! This week, I thought it would be fun to get a firsthand look at just how snobby and unappreciative major-league critics were of The Beverly Hillbillies and the rural comedy it helped make popular. I’ve scoured the archives of Variety, one of the industry’s seminal trade publications, for its annual reviews of the series. Watch them attempt to come to terms with the show’s success, despite remaining disdainful — it’s hilarious.


SEASON ONE (October 03, 1962)

SEASON TWO (October 02, 1963)

SEASON THREE (September 30, 1964)

SEASON FOUR (September 29, 1965)

SEASON FIVE (September 28, 1966)

SEASON SIX (September 13, 1967)

SEASON SEVEN (October 02, 1968)

SEASON EIGHT (October 01, 1969)

SEASON NINE (September 23, 1970)



Come back next week for another Wildcard entry! And stay tuned for more Beverly Hillbillies!

4 thoughts on “CRITICS SHUCK CORN: VARIETY Reviewers Don’t Cotton To HILLBILLIES

    • Hi, John! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Maybe the good review is what finally turned people off the show, as it finally left the Top 30! (Just kidding — theirs was the result of a purposely difficult time slot.)

  1. The reviewer from the Season 4 premiere didn’t even get the facts of the show right, having “Nancy Culp” playing the “banker’s wife”. I shudder to think how bad a casting mistake that would’ve been if it had been that way. Harriet MacGibbon & Nancy Kulp were both great in the roles they had.

    • Hi, Jon! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Yes, mistakes are not uncommon in these reviews — 1968’s even refers to Granny’s character as “Ma.”

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