You’ve Got Madeline

Welcome to a new Musical Theatre Monday! This month we need a little holiday cheer, so we’re celebrating She Loves Me (1963), Bock & Harnick’s musical adaptation of Parfumerie, a Hungarian play that had been brought to the screen as both The Shop Around The Corner (1940) and In The Good Old Summertime (1949), and would eventually be updated as You’ve Got Mail (1998).

The 1963 Broadway production with Barbara Cook, Daniel Massey, Barbara Baxley, and Jack Cassidy was tops — I highly recommend that original cast album — but equally fun is a Town Hall concert from spring 1977 that starred Madeline Kahn, Barry Bostwick, Rita Moreno, George Rose, and Laurence Guittard. However, you don’t have to take my word for it, because I’ve got an audio to share with subscribers who comment below to alert me of their interest. Here’s an excerpt of the recording — the brilliant Madeline Kahn in the soaring “Ice Cream.”



Come back next month for another musical rarity! And stay tuned tomorrow for more Jeannie!

38 thoughts on “You’ve Got Madeline

  1. I have always heard how wonderful this performance was. I would love to hear the recording. Thanks again, Jackson!

  2. Wow! What a fabulous cast – and George Rose too. Jackson I’d love to hear this recording. Thanks as always.

  3. I’ve long been a fan of the delightful Madeline Kahn and I would love to hear the audio of her performing in one of my favorite musicals!

  4. I would love it as well!- she was a national treasure. (And have you done a post yet on “Oh Madeline!” – I believe that was the title – her short-lived ABC sitcom from the ‘80s? I’ll have to do a search. Even as a kid I was aware it wasn’t great but since she left us far too soon I’d love to revisit that one sometime.)

    • Hi, David! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I haven’t written about OH MADELINE but I have the complete series. From what I’ve seen, I’m afraid it would be difficult to find any nice things to say, even given my immense appreciation for Kahn.

      I have emailed you at your gmail address.

  5. Two of my favorite things… Madeline Kahn and She Loves Me! Together! I can’t wait to hear the recording, please send! Thank You Jackson, and a Very Merry Christmas to you!

    • Hi, Michael! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Merry Christmas to you too — I have emailed you at your AT&T address!

  6. Dear Jackson
    “She Loves Me” is my favorite musica.l have the West End recording with Anne Rogers and Rita Moreno and have seen a British TV production on PBS with Robin Ellis but never saw a live prodution. I would love to hear Madelyn Kahn and to hear Rita Moreno sing the song that was replaced in the London recording.

    Thank you.

    Happy New Year and keep well.

  7. HI Jackson,

    Thanks for all of the wonderful writing and archives you share! I’d love to get to hear this concert recording of She Love Me!

  8. Oh my goodness, I’d give anything to hear Madeline singing the full show! Subscribed. I know this post is a couple years old at this point, I’m sorry to bother you, I hope you’re well!

    • Hi, Elena! Thanks for reading and commenting,

      I’m not seeing you yet in my subscription database. After subscribing, be sure to confirm your subscription at the link in the email sent to your preferred address.

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