Even Better Times

Welcome to a new Wildcard Wednesday! As teased, I have a treat for fans of the series we just finished covering on Sitcom Tuesdays: an uncut version of Good Times’ Season Six premiere, “Florida’s Homecoming,” which originally aired in a one-hour block on September 16, 1978 but was split into two on DVD, where the syndicated versions were used.

With approximately five extra minutes in the original hour-long broadcast, there’s a lot more emotional exposition and amusing character moments that help the dramatic action play better and more believably, particularly in Part II, when Florida returns home and reconnects with Thelma, Michael, and Willona, and later on when she first meets Keith. Now, contrary to popular belief, there’s no only-aired-once explanation for what happened to Carl (just the one passing reference that’s also on the DVD), but this extra footage is nevertheless valuable, and I’m offering a digital copy, taken from the old Columbia House VHS release, for subscribers who comment below to alert me of their interest. Here’s an excerpt of what’s not on DVD — a moment from the top of Part II when Florida first comes home. Enjoy!



Come back next week for another Wildcard! And stay tuned Tuesday for more sitcom fun!

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  1. Hello. I’m interested in seeing the uncut version of “Florida’s Homecoming.” Thank you.

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  2. Jackson, hi, Please forward the episode. Thanks for the offer.

    Also I wonder if you could clarify something,. Was there additional dialog about what happened to Carl in the script & taped but taken out before the episode was broadcasted? Thank you.

    • Hi, Paul! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I can’t speak to whether there was deleted dialogue that explains Carl’s absence — it’s possible. But, based on a JET Magazine article from September 1978, I think it’s more likely that the show planned to address it later — perhaps with him guesting/recurring — and it never came to fruition, leaving one reference to Carl in the premiere without an actual update about his fate. According to the aforementioned magazine, which visited the set in August 1978 after four episodes were produced for Season Six, “Florida’s new husband will be moved to a veterans hospital near Chicago in an upcoming segment.” So, that’s what the show seems to have been intending; the segment just never was upcoming.

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  3. New to the blog, catching up on the posts. Is this episode still available? Love this deep-dive info!

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