I’m Always Chasing Janie

Welcome to a new Musical Theatre Monday! Sadly, I had to bump this month’s scheduled entry until tomorrow, so that we can first honor the late Jane Powell, who passed away last week at the ripe old age of 92. Although this veteran musical star was best known for her work in Hollywood, she had a prolific career on stage as well, including a 1974 stint in the previous year’s revival of Irene (1919), which had opened with her pal Debbie Reynolds.

In celebration of Jane Powell — or as her friends called her, Janie — I’m offering for subscribers, who comment below to alert me of their interest, access to a songs-only audio of her opening night in Irene, February 06, 1974. Here’s an excerpt — “I’m Always Chasing Rainbows” (a popular 1917 song, introduced on stage in 1918’s Oh, Look! and then added to the revisal of Irene as the eponymous heroine’s big ballad). Enjoy — and rest in peace, Janie!



Come back next month for a new musical rarity! And stay tuned tomorrow for another treat!

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  1. Hello Jackson
    I’ve been researching musicals and one of them was “Irene” so it would be wonderful to hear the interpretation of Jane’s in the musical.

    Thank you.

  2. I almost let this one get away! I actually know someone in “Irene”. Bruce Lea was the
    Dance Captain for the entire run of the show. He played George in a production of
    George M! here in Florida back in the late 70’s. I Played Sam Harris as well as all the Producers / Directors portrayed. (It was a very small production!) I was also the Man on the Pier that Shouts “Let Them Clear!” Memories… Please send! Thank You, Jackson

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