Come Fill Out Our Annual Sitcom Tuesday Survey!

Welcome to a new Wildcard Wednesday! This week, I’m starting to consider what sitcoms to cover after my upcoming looks at Roseanne and Empty Nest, so I once again have created a survey where you can let me know what you’d most like to see here. Per your wishes, we will be revisiting the ’90s next — I have provided a handful of options that premiered or aired mostly in that decade, based on your submissions from last year’s survey. You can also write in your own answers, and there will be space at the end where you can suggest non-’90s sitcoms as well. Here’s the link — it’s only six questions and the estimated completion time is four minutes.

For your reference, here is a list of all the series we have covered on Sitcom Tuesdays so far — pay particular note of the 1990s column (so you know what’s already been featured).

I am not sure whether or not I will be sharing these results — probably not until I make a decision of my own — but this survey will close on the morning of Tuesday, March 01, so be sure to get your answers in soon. And in the meantime, as an incentive for your participation, the survey’s final page reveals the password to the video link below: an episode (my MVE) from the third season of the unjustly forgotten Dream Onone of the ’90s sitcoms we’ve previously covered here. It’s “May Divorce Be With You,” which was written by Marta Kauffman & David Crane, directed by Bethany Rooney, and first aired on July 25, 1992. Enjoy!



Come back next week for a new Wildcard! And stay tuned Tuesday for more Kate & Allie!