A Smorgasbord of Cole Porter

Welcome to a new Musical Theatre Monday! In honor of this blog’s tenth anniversary, I’m diving back into my archives to re-share material that you may have missed when it was initially offered. Some of these items have not been available here for a while, and I’ve compiled a list of real treasures, for June is Cole Porter’s birth month (he’s the first composer we spotlighted back in 2013) and all of these treats are related to that one-of-a-kind Broadway legend.

So, here’s what I’m eager to share with subscribers who comment below to alert me of their private, non-commercial interest, in celebration of this blog’s ten years of joyous study…

  • Two audios of Jubilee (1935): 1999 BBC + 1986 Concert
  • An audio of You Never Know (1938): 2009 Musicals Tonight!
  • Three Du Barry Was A Lady (1939): 1990 Concert, 1996 Encores!, 2001 BBC
  • An audio of Panama Hattie (1940): 2019 Mufti
  • Two audios of Let’s Face It (1941): 1994 Lost Musicals + 2006 Musicals Tonight!
  • Two Something For The Boys (1943): 1995 Lost Musicals + 2002 Roosevelt University

I offer these for the rest of this month, in celebration of Cole Porter — and YOU, for making these last ten years a pleasure! Here’s a sample of the goodies above: Kim Criswell with…



Come back next month for more musical rarities! And stay tuned tomorrow for more Becker!

46 thoughts on “A Smorgasbord of Cole Porter

  1. Hi Jackson. Thank you so much for making these available. I would love to get the You Never Know, Panama Hattie, and Let’s Face It audios, and yes, they would be strictly for my private listening pleasure. Thank you again for making it possible for us to hear these Porter treasures.

  2. Oh, my goodness, Jackson. This is truly a treasure trove. I would love to hear these for private, non-commercial purposes. Thank you!

  3. Shoot I thought I had all your Cole Porter but I’m not sure if I have Panama Hattie!! I’d love a copy!

    • Hi, Ethan! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Oh, believe me — I still have more Cole Porter to give! In the meantime, I have emailed you at your hotmail address.

  4. Porter is probably the first composer whose work I did a deep dive into, back in the 80s. I’m always interested in hearing more!

  5. Cole Porter – genius of musical theater (and movies)! Someone should record the complete score of “Jubilee.” In the meantime, I would to have these treasures. Thank you for all you do!

  6. Of all the Broadway composers, Cole Porter is The Top. I’ve studied his music and lyrics for many years, and I get great joy from playing and listening to his songs.

  7. What a collection of beautiful pieces! Frankly, I’m interested in all of them. And may there come many more years for this wonderful blog. Thanks for all your work and sharing, it’s highly appreciated.

  8. Hi Jackson
    Love to have acess to more of Cole Porter’s music and lyrics. He was one of those composer that wrote music that one would remember and still can hear today.


  9. Happy 10th Anniversary, Jackson! Cole Porter was the composer who first got me hooked on musical theatre. Thanks for sharing this treasure trove of his scores with us.

  10. What a goldmine!! I’d love to hear
    1. Jubilee – BBC
    2. Dubarry – 1996 Encores
    3. Panama Hattie – Mufti
    4. Let’s Face It — 2006

    • Hi, Steven! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Don’t worry, it’s a buffet, not a menu — I have sent all of the above to you at your AOL address.

      • Jackson –
        In clearing out my email folder, I accidentally deleted your e-mail with the links. Would you mind resending? Thanks so much!!

  11. Hi Jackson, Cole Porter is my favorite composer and have found songs on your site like nowhere else. So much appreciated. I am interested in anything and would appreciate your listed archived performances.Like Cole, you’re the top.

  12. I am in love with Cole Porter, and I am in love with this blog! I simply never miss reading and listening to your musical theatre posts. Nowhere else can I find such recordings. Speaking of which, access to these Cole Porter shows would be absolutely divine!

  13. Hi Jackson,
    As a Cole Porter fanatic I would be delighted to receive these audios.

    Thank you for all you do.


  14. Hello Jackson, your website continues to be wonderful, so congratulations on ten years! And, if possible, I would certainly be interested to hear anything to do with Porter, so if your offer is still open, I’d be keen to take you up on it. Thanks.

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