The 2022 Holiday Contest (Results)

Welcome to a new Wildcard Wednesday! This week, I’m revealing the answers and winners of this year’s Holiday contest, in which I asked you to guess my ten favorite sitcom seasons out of the 45 most recent selections we discussed on Sitcom Tuesdays. Here are the official answers…

  1. Family Ties Season Four
  2. Roseanne Season Two
  3. Roseanne Season Three
  4. Roseanne Season Four
  5. Empty Nest Season Three
  6. Evening Shade Season Two
  7. The Nanny Season Three
  8. Martin Season Two
  9. Martin Season Three
  10. Living Single Season One

Congratulations to everyone who guessed a minimum of five correct! I have sent the complete run of Valerie Harper’s sitcom City (1990) to your email addresses. (For the record, the only tough call I had was choosing whether or not I preferred the second season of Empty Nest, which is the best showing for that series’ use of its “situation” in weekly story, over the third season of Martin, which is funnier but less of a textbook example of the genre. Ultimately, I decided that I’d rather laugh out loud than nod along in recognition, especially when Empty Nest would already be represented on my list anyway with its more comedically bold — and episodically memorable — third season. Everything else was an easy pick for me, including the choice to entirely snub Kate & Allie, which I appreciate but not enthusiastically.)

Also, extra congratulations to MDay991 for getting all ten correct! I have sent you City and the promise-filled Shaping Up (1984). Enjoy — and Happy Holidays to all who participated!



Stay tuned next week for a double dose of Living Single!