Patti LuPone Can Can-Can Too!

Welcome to a new Musical Theatre Monday! This month, I’ve decided that it’s a good time for some more Cole Porter here — do we ever really need an excuse? — so, I’ve got, for subscribers who comment below to alert me of their interest, access to an untracked but COMPLETE live audio recording of the 2004 Encores! production of Can-Can (1953), starring Patti LuPone with Michael Nouri, Reg Rogers, Charlotte D’Amboise and Eli Wallach.

This is a terrific score — one that doesn’t get enough credit for its tuneful melodies and quintessentially Porter-ian lyrics. And there are several standards, including “I Love Paris.”

But wait — there’s more! For subscribers with a noncommercial interest in this material who are looking to hear this recording for their own private, scholarly enjoyment, if they act now, I’ll also throw in an audio of the 1981 Broadway revival with Zizi Jeanmaire. As a sample, here she is with Ron Husmann on “C’est Magnifique.” Enjoy!



Come back next month for another musical rarity! And stay tuned for more Andy Griffith!