Cole & Gertie For Paramount: THE BATTLE OF PARIS (1929)

Welcome to a new Musical Theatre Monday! This month, I’m sharing a complete copy — for subscribers who have no commercial designs on this material whatsoever and comment below to alert me of their private, scholastic interest — of the heretofore unreleased Paramount film, The Battle Of Paris, which starred Charlie Ruggles and Gertrude Lawrence!

The Battle Of Paris has four songs, two of which are Porter specialties introduced by Lawrence herself. You’ve probably heard the better of the two, “They All Fall In Love,” a “Let’s Do It”-esque ditty that I shared several years ago, in a rendition by Justin Hayford.

Well, now’s your chance to see the whole rare film. As a sample, here’s the above number.



Come back next month for another Musical Theatre Monday entry! And stay tuned Tuesday for more Raymond!