Remembering Cindy Williams

Welcome to a new Wildcard Wednesday! In honor of the late Cindy Williams, I’ve decided to bump this week’s originally planned entry, for although I’m notoriously not the biggest fan of the classic for which she was best known — Laverne & Shirley (more of my thoughts here) — I’ve always respected Williams’ under-heralded comedic work and enjoyed seeing her pop up anywhere, even on other mediocre sitcoms, where she was a bright light.

I’m thinking specifically now of Hope & Gloria (1995-1996, NBC), a mostly forgettable Must See TV sitcom (discussed here) that was nevertheless lucky enough to feature Cindy Williams in its last aired episode, “Come Back Lil’ Tina,” which was broadcast on June 22, 1996, written by Marc Peterson, and directed by Pamela Fryman. It featured the former TV icon as a beloved teen sitcom star now on hard times, and though it’s not great sitcommery as far as the regulars and this series’ usual “situation” is concerned, it’s a strong showcase for its guest, who’s right at home sharing war stories about her old “show.” And considering this is a lesser-known piece of Cindy Williams’ television legacy, I knew it would be fun to offer — in her honor.



Come back next week for a new Wildcard! And stay tuned Tuesday for more 3rd Rock!