A Birthday Celebration for Lucy: Hey, Look Her Over!

Welcome to another Wildcard Wednesday. Today we celebrate the anniversary of Lucille Ball’s birth, which occurred 104 years ago tomorrow. As regular readers know, we’ve covered this iconic redhead quite extensively in the past, as I Love Lucy is my favorite sitcom of all time.


For this post, I thought I’d dig deep into my collection and share one of the comedienne’s talk show appearances, on the November 16, 1976 episode of Dinah!, in which the comedienne is honored and praised by Valerie Harper, who was in the chorus of Wildcat (1960), longtime friend Carol Burnett, and frequent co-star Gale Gordon. Unseen in full since ’76, here’s the program in its entirety.



Come back next Wednesday for another Wildcard post and tune in tomorrow for more Hercules!