Ask Jackson: Halloween Bonus

Welcome to a new Wildcard Wednesday, on a Tuesday! This week, as we pause briefly before Martin coverage, we’re celebrating Halloween with two relevant “Q&A” questions…


First, Charles H asks… Could you do a list of favorite Halloween episodes–maybe by decade?

I only feel comfortable considering what we’ve already covered on this blog. So, under those terms, I am only able to make selections from the following decades. (Click the links for more.)

1960s: BEWITCHED (S2) – “Trick Or Treat” (10/28/65)

1970s: BARNEY MILLER (S3) – “Werewolf” (10/28/76)

1980s: NEWHART (S6) – “Take Me To Your Loudon” (10/26/87)

1990s: FRASIER (S5) – “Halloween” (10/28/97)


Next, Hartford, CT says… Now that you have covered “Roseanne” I was wondering if you could give a list ranking your favorite Halloween episodes. 

Yes, here’s how I would rank the series’ Halloween shows in order of my favorite to least favorite — I highlighted the first four of these, Honorably Mentioned the next two, and did not cite the final two at all. Please visit the linked Roseanne posts for more of my thoughts!

Season Two: “BOO” (10/31/89)

Season Four: “Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down” (10/29/91)

Season Three: “Trick Or Treat” (10/30/90)

Season Six: “Halloween V” (10/26/93)

Season Five: “Halloween IV” (10/27/92)

Season Seven: “Skeleton In The Closet” (10/26/94)

Season Eight: “Halloween: The Final Chapter” (10/31/95)

Season Nine: “Satan, Darling” (10/29/96)



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