A “Lost” DREW CAREY Episode… Well, Kinda…

Welcome to a new Wildcard Wednesday! In this week’s post, I’m sharing a clip from an episode of The Drew Carey Show that hasn’t been seen in its original form since the initial broadcast on ABC. Entitled “Two Drews And The Queen Of Poland Walk Into A Bar,” and aired as the series’ 42nd offering on 03/19/97, this entry — Honorably Mentioned in yesterday’s post — featured the return appearance of David Cross as Earl, the emotionally unstable man whose vendetta against Drew turns into an obsession. That’s the A-story and, despite complaints about the depiction of mental health, all of that material remains intact for syndication.

What you won’t see in contemporary runs is the subplot, in which Mimi inherits a title of Polish nobility and meets “Stan, the King of Poland,” an out-of-work bum played by the voice of Homer Simpson himself, Dan Castellaneta. Deemed offensive by many viewers, all his scenes are cut from the show when it’s shown today — an estimated six minutes of material (including most of Mimi’s other stuff, too) are gone. To fill some of that time, a repeat of the cold open from “It’s Your Party And I’ll Crash If I Want To” has been added. However, here’s a little taste of a scene that was excised — presented here for its historical value.

And, okay, for subscribers (critics and scholars with no commercial designs on this material whatsoever) who comment below to alert me of their interest, I will send you access to a digital copy of the original telecast (minus commercials)!



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