An Old-Time Radio Christmas

Welcome to another Wildcard Wednesday! In advance of the most present-filled of holidays, I wanted to take today’s post to share with you some amusing Christmas-themed sitcom episodes — radio sitcom episodes! I’ve always enjoyed being able to highlight some of these old-time comedy classics here, and if I had my druthers, they’d be a regular fixture (and rest assured there’ll be some more radio stuff in the first quarter of 2016), but scheduling time to listen is difficult; I’m hoping that my brave determination to sit in daily L.A. traffic next year may open up some time. But, in the meantime, here are a few OTR X-mas treats! (Note that The Jack Benny Program is not only the finest radio sitcom in this writer’s opinion, but it’s also responsible for the best Christmas entries of the whole medium. However, there’s going to be more Benny on this site in the coming year, so we’ll leave him be . . . for now!)



01) Maxwell House Coffee Time Starring George Burns And Gracie Allen: “Last Minute Christmas Shopping” (Aired: 12/18/47, NBC)

Although there was a Christmas episode broadcast on Christmas Day in 1947, Jane Wyman took over Gracie’s role because the real Gracie was out sick. This episode is from the week before and concerns George’s attempts to find out what Gracie wants for Christmas.

02) My Favorite Husband: “George’s Christmas Present” (Aired: 12/23/49; CBS)

This amiable holiday entry finds Liz attempting to knit a Christmas sweater for George, and then engaging in a mix-up involving her mother-in-law, played by the always cool Eleanor Audley. (Be sure to find the animated version of this episode on YouTube.)

03) Our Miss Brooks: “The Magic Tree” (Aired: 12/24/50; CBS)

This classic episode was broadcast almost every year on the radio and was even adapted for the television series (and highlighted here in our best episodes from the second TV season). It’s definitely a gem!





Merry Christmas and come back next Wednesday for another Wildcard post! And tune in tomorrow for more Xena!