A Non-Halloween Halloween List

Welcome to a new Wildcard Wednesday! Being that tomorrow is Halloween, I initially thought of using this post to offer something thematically related. But, that’s boring; I’ve got a better idea — something you won’t see anywhere else: a list of sitcom episodes that aired on Halloween (October 31), but otherwise had NOTHING to do with the holiday!

Just for kicks, here’s a list of every sitcom episode featured on this blog that was first broadcast on 10/31 but wouldn’t be categorized as a “Halloween” show.


1952: OUR MISS BROOKS – Episode 5: “The Wrong Mrs. Boynton” [a.k.a. “Miss Brooks Play-Acts”] (CBS)

Mr. Boynton, searching for a job, asks Connie to pose as Mrs. Boynton.

Written by Al Lewis & Joseph Quillan | Directed by Al Lewis


1955: I LOVE LUCY – Episode 132: “The Great Train Robbery” (CBS)

Lucy is determined to catch a jewel thief who is rumored to be aboard the train.

Written by Jess Oppenheimer, Madelyn Pugh, Bob Carroll Jr., Bob Weiskopf, and Bob Schiller | Directed by James V. Kern


1962: THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW – Episode 36: “My Husband Is Not A Drunk” (CBS)

Rob suffers from a post-hypnotic suggestion meant for someone else, and it causes mayhem at work.

Written by Carl Reiner | Directed by Alan Rafkin


1966: GILLIGAN’S ISLAND – Episode 76: “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow” (CBS)

Gilligan wakes up one day to find that his hair has turned white.

Written by Brad Radnitz | Directed by Tony Leader


1966: THE LUCY SHOW – Episode 117: “Lucy Gets A Roommate” (CBS)

Mary Jane and Lucy try to loosen up the latter’s shy new roommate.

Written by Bob O’Brien and Elroy Schwartz | Directed by Maury Thompson


1967: GOOD MORNING, WORLD – Episode 8: “No News Like Nude News” (CBS) 

Dave and Larry accept a free invitation to what they think is a dude ranch; it’s really a nude ranch.

Written by Rick Mittleman | Directed by George Tyne


1968: THAT GIRL – Episode 66: “Secret Ballot” (ABC)

Ann clashes with her father when she refuses to reveal for whom she’s voting.

Written by Richard Baer | Directed by John Rich


1970: THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW – Episode 7: “Toulouse-Lautrec Is One Of My Favorite Artists” (CBS)

Mary interviews an author who asks her out for a date. She accepts, not realizing that he’s very short.

Written by Lloyd Turner & Gordon Mitchell | Directed by Jay Sandrich


1974: THE ODD COUPLE – Episode 100: “The Subway Story” (ABC)

After Oscar writes an article panning New York City, he and Felix are trapped in a subway car.

Written by Lowell Ganz & Mark Rothman | Directed by Norm Gray



1978: THREE’S COMPANY – Episode 39: “Larry’s Bride” (ABC)

Larry’s fiancé makes a pass at Jack.

Written by Martin Roth | Directed by Dave Powers


1978: TAXI – Episode 8: “Paper Marriage” (ABC)

Latka marries a hooker to avoid deportation.

Story by Barton Dean | Teleplay by Glen Charles & Les Charles | Directed by James Burrows


1991 – THE COSBY SHOW: Episode 184: “The Iceman Bricketh” (NBC)

Cliff’s dad and Clair’s mom meet Vanessa’s fiancé.

Written by Courtney Flavin, Hugh O’Neill & Adriana Trigiani | Directed by Carl Lauten


1995: NEWSRADIO – Episode 11: “The Breakup” (NBC)

Beth forces Dave and Lisa to reveal their relationship to the office.

Written by Paul Simms | Directed by Peter Bonerz


1996: FRIENDS – Episode 54: “The One With The Flashback” (NBC)

Janice inspires memories of Joey’s move-in, Phoebe’s move-out, and the last night at a hang-out.

Written by David Crane & Marta Kauffman | Directed by Peter Bonerz


1996: SEINFELD – Episode 140: “The Fatigues” (NBC)

Jerry learns that his girlfriend’s mentor is dating Bania.

Written by Gregg Kavet & Andy Robin | Directed by Ackerman


2000: FRASIER – Episode 171: “The Bad Son” (NBC)

Frasier uses his father to get a date with a woman who works at a retirement home.

Written by Rob Hanning | Directed by Sheldon Epps




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