That Radio Episode Of OUR MISS BROOKS In Which Carolyn Appleby Plays A Stripper…

Welcome to another Wildcard Wednesday! After teasing months ago that I may be covering some radio episodes of Our Miss Brooks, I’m finally living up to my word… kind of. You see, there are close to 200 episodes that still exist in circulation, and my intention was to listen to all of them and present you with a list of my favorites. Well, I’ve only listened to about half of them, and I wouldn’t feel justified making judgements on the series without hearing as much as I can. So, instead, I want to share ONE episode that I particularly enjoy.



Episode 103: “The Dancer” (Aired: 10/29/50)

When Conklin hires an exotic dancer for a bachelor party, Connie mistakes her for Conklin’s new secretary.

This episode was never adapted for television — and based on the story, that should come as no surprise! The obviously risque subject matter is only acceptable because we don’t have the visuals; there’s no way it would have made it to film. Apart from the delightful (and tasteful) naughtiness, this is simply a classic Our Miss Brooks misunderstanding. In addition to a hilarious script, this episode boasts the unmistakeable voice of Doris Singleton (whom you’ll most remember as Lucy Ricardo’s frenemy, Carolyn Appleby) as the stripper — er, “dancer.” Take a listen — it’s an example of some really great comedy. (This episode stars the original cast of the TV series, save Jeff Chandler, who plays Mr. Boynton, the role he originated.)



I promise to share more Our Miss Brooks radio episodes in the future, but that’ll have to be all for now. Come back next Wednesday for a new Wildcard post! And tune in tomorrow for more Xena!