Some Like It Sweet

Welcome to a new Wildcard Wednesday! As 2022 speeds to a close, I’m running out of opportunities to pay tribute to musicals that premiered in years ending with either a “2” or a “7,” so I’m taking this chance to offer fans of Musical Theatre Monday a sort of bonus entry — in honor of Sugar, the 1972 musical adaptation of Some Like It Hot (1959).

With another stage version of that Billy Wilder classic opening soon, I want to voice some support for Jule Styne and Bob Merrill’s first crack at its musicalization. Obviously the film is pretty “perfect” itself — so perfect, in fact, that I don’t think there’s any way to tell the story more enjoyably. However, there are a handful of joyful, melodic songs in the Styne/Merrill score, including my favorite — “Penniless Bums.” Listen to that number below, in an excerpt from a nearly complete live audio taken from a preview performance of the original 1972 Broadway production — offered now to subscribers who comment below to alert me of their private, non-commercial interest. Here’s Tony Roberts and Bobby Morse!

I’ll also throw in an audio from the 2002 national tour (under the more recognizable Some Like It Hot title), which notably featured Tony Curtis in the role of Osgood. Here’s a sample — Curtis and the ensemble with the bouncy “November Song.” Enjoy!



Come back next week for another Wildcard Wednesday! And stay tuned for Martin!