Theatre On Television: THE CRUCIBLE (1967, CBS)

Welcome to another Wildcard Wednesday! In today’s post, I’m sharing an unreleased TV production of Arthur Miller’s classic play The Crucible, which aired 50 years ago tomorrow (May 4th, 1967) on CBS. The production starred GEORGE C. SCOTT as John Proctor, COLLEEN DEWHURST as Elizabeth Proctor, MELVYN DOUGLAS as Governor Danforth, TUESDAY WELD as Abigail Williams, FRITZ WEAVER as Reverend John Hale, CATHLEEN NESBITT as Rebecca, HENRY JONES as Reverend Samuel Parris, and WILL GEER as Giles Corey. It’s a fantastic production of a great show with a truly phenomenal cast (filled with many actors we’ve discussed before on this blog) — Colleen Dewhurst is particularly strong — and I recommend it highly. Enjoy! (Note that this copy, taken from a library archive, is in black-and-white.)



[This link has been removed at the request of the copyright holder. Hope a release is in the works!]



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