Showtunes For Your Valentine

Welcome to another Wildcard Wednesday! In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing an eclectic list of my favorite “love songs” (in quotes, because the act of defining a love song can be tricky) from scores and by composers that we’ve often covered here on Musical Theatre Mondays. These standards  — and neglected gems — will help put you in a romantic mood!

Fred Astaire and Claire Luce in


01) “Here In My Arms” from Dearest Enemy (1925) [M: Richard Rodgers | L: Lorenz Hart]

See my post on Dearest Enemy here. Rendition below by Helen Ford and Douglas Danbury.

Favorite lyric: Next to my heart, it is ever so lonely… 

02) “A Little Bungalow” from “The Cocoanuts” (1925) [M&L: Irving Berlin]

See my post on “The Cocoanuts” here. Rendition below by Howard McGillin and Stephanie J. Block.

Favorite lyric: There’ll be a room in blue, the one that you would occupy. It’s understood that I would occupy it too.

03) “An Armful Of You” written for Hit The Deck (1927) [M: Vincent Youmans | L: Clifford Grey; Leo Robin]

Stay tuned for my post on Hit The Deck! Rendition below by Robert White.

Favorite lyric: Beside the window I will look for you, when day is done… 

04) “Night And Day” from Gay Divorce (1932) [M&L: Cole Porter]

Stay tuned for my post on Gay Divorce! Rendition below by Fred Astaire.

Favorite lyric: There’s an oh, such a hungry yearning burning inside of me… 

05) “Isn’t It A Pity?” from Pardon My English (1933) [M: George Gershwin | L: Ira Gershwin]

See my post on Pardon My English here. Rendition below by Brent Barrett and Jeanne Lehman.

Favorite lyric: What joys untasted! 

06) “That Moment Of Moments” from The Ziegfeld Follies of 1936 [M: Vernon Duke | L: Ira Gershwin]

See my post on The Ziegfeld Follies of 1936 here. Rendition below by Howard McGillin and Ruthie Henshall.

Favorite lyric: Two fond hearts in rhyme, here’s hoping that moment lives until the end of time… 

07) “I’ve Gone Romantic On You” from Hooray For What! (1937) [M: Harold Arlen | L: E.Y. “Yip” Harburg]

See my post on Hooray For What! here. Rendition below by Adelaide Moffett and Jack Jenny’s Orchestra.

Favorite lyric: I want to buy moonbeams in the five and ten cent store… 

08) “I See Your Face Before Me” from Between The Devil (1937) [M: Arthur Schwartz | L: Howard Dietz]

Stay tuned for my post on Between The Devil! Rendition below by Joan Crawford.

Favorite lyric: If you could share the magic, if you could love me too… 

09) “It Never Was You” from Knickerbocker Holiday (1938) [M: Kurt Weill | L: Maxwell Anderson]

See my post on Knickerbocker Holiday here. Rendition below by David Brooks and Jean Darling.

Favorite lyric: I’ve been running through rains and the wind that follows after, for one certain face and an unforgotten laughter…

10) “All The Things You Are” from Very Warm For May (1939) [M: Jerome Kern | L: Oscar Hammerstein II]

See my post on Very Warm For May here. Rendition below by Jeanne Lehman, Cris Groenendaal, Rebecca Luker, George Dvorsky and ensemble.

Favorite lyric: You are the angel glow that lights a star, the dearest things I know are what you are… 



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