Want some Vernon Duke? I thought so!

Welcome to a new Musical Theatre Monday! In this post, I’m offering a live audio of the February 2016 Encores! concert production of Vernon Duke and John La Touche’s Cabin In The Sky (1940), a terrific show that we covered three years ago during our ’40 series. The cast of this production included Harvy Blanks, Chuck Cooper, Marva Hicks, Carly Hughes, Jonathan Kirkland, LaChanze, Norm Lewis, Forrest McClendon, Michael Potts and J.D. Webster. Subscribed readers interested in a digital copy of this audio should kindly let me know below!

Here’s an excerpt of the audio — this is Chuck Cooper and company with the bouncy “Do What You Wanna Do.” Enjoy!



Come back next month for another Musical Theatre post! And tune in tomorrow for more Newhart! 

19 thoughts on “Want some Vernon Duke? I thought so!

  1. Encores is such a blessing to all of us musical theater fans out here. Not only do they bring attention to lesser known or forgotten musicals, they literally save some of them. (Re-orchestrating the lost manuscripts of “St. Louis Woman” comes immediately to mind.) Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. Hello, I would be very interested in hearing this. Might it also be possible to get a copy of the Primrose (by Gershwin) recording you have mentioned in another posting? I love the tinny original British cast recording but a clearer (relatively) more modern one would be a joy. Thanks very much.

  3. Please send Cabin in the Sky audio. I saw that excellent Encores! entry, and I’m peeved they didn’t issue a recording.

  4. I would love to here that recording. I love John la Touche’s work: The Golden Apple is one of my favorite musicals.

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