Led Zeppelin III: A NEWSRADIO That You’ve Never Seen Before… Kinda

Welcome to a new Wildcard Wednesday! To complement this week’s coverage of NewsRadio, I’m sharing a copy of a script entitled “Misrepresenting.” This “Pre-Table Draft” is dated September 4, 1996, it’s credited to Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil, and it’s listed as episode #306. Sound familiar? It shouldn’t… because this teleplay was never produced.

Here’s why: the A-story concerned Dave’s attempts to con Jimmy into giving the staff back their office snacks, which were taken away in “Massage Chair” (one of the episodes we featured on Season Three’s list). Sometime before or during production of “Massage Chair,” the decision was made to wrap up the snacks story within that half-hour and not stretch the narrative into a whole other week. Thus, “Misrepresenting” was scrapped… well, most of it.

You see, the B-story, of Catherine toying with Bill after he becomes an on-air spokesperson for “Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor” was shelved and brought back later in the year for “Office Feud” (which made yesterday’s Honorable Mentions). This, as you’ve seen, is a hilarious subplot and it’s certainly the best thing about the misbegotten “Misrepresenting.” Having read the script I’m about to share with you, I think NewsRadio was right to keep “Massage Chair” self-contained and save this teleplay’s better half for later… But see for yourself, because here — for you curious scholars and critics with no commercial designs on this material — it is!

NewsRadio “Misrepresenting” Script



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