Rodgers & Hart’s Sweetheart

Welcome to a new Musical Theatre Monday! This month we’re returning to the Rodgers & Hart well for an audio of a show that we first discussed here a while back: America’s Sweetheart (1931), which opened 90 years ago this month! One of my favorite lesser-known scores by this famous duo, America’s Sweetheart is a Hollywood parody loaded with marvelous songs that only this pair could write — “I’ve Got Five Dollars,” “We’ll Be The Same,” “There’s So Much More,” “How About It,” “A Lady Must Live,” and “I Want A Man” (among many others).

I previously offered access to an audio of a 1995 Off-Broadway concert production. (See this post for excerpts). I’ll throw that in the mix this time as well — for subscribers who comment below to alert me of their interest — along with an audio of Musicals Tonight!’s 2014 showing. Here’s a clip from the latter — the not-yet-recorded “You Ain’t Got No Savoir Faire.”



Come back next month for another musical rarity!

40 thoughts on “Rodgers & Hart’s Sweetheart

  1. I would definitely like the audios of this show, please. Rogers and Hart are right up there with Porter and Gershwin on my favorite composers list. Thanks for making this available.

  2. Hi, Jackson! I’d love to hear the MT! recording of this show. Thanks for shining a spotlight on this score, which deserves to be better known.

  3. I would be most happy to get the recording of America’s Sweetheart. Anything that I need to do. Were you referring to Mel Miller’s Musicals Tonight. I must have missed this show somehow since I had rarely missed a production. Anyway, I never miss your twice a week column. Currently rewatching 77 Sunset Strip. fun show

  4. Hi Jackson,
    I would love to hear those different recordings of this Rodgers and Hart show. Thank you so much.
    Bob Murphy

  5. I’ll take Rodgers & Hart over Rodgers & Hammerstein any time! Not that I don’t love R&H, too! Please send!

  6. Hello Jackson,

    I would greatly appreciate the link for the Rodgers and Hart download. Thanks for offering it.


  7. Very grateful if you could send me the audios on America’s Sweetheart. Thanks so much for offering us gems like these!

  8. Would love to hear this neglected score if possible. Thanks for shining the spotlight on the minor gems like these!

  9. I just discovered your blog and find myself eight years behind. Needless to say I have a lot of catching up to do. This is a blog perfectly designed for my passions- classic and obscure musicals of the golden age as well as the creme de la creme of sitcom history. I love sitting with my Complete lyrics books and listening to obscure songs while reading along. I’ve heard 90 percent of the available Rodgers and Hart but you have access to recordings I could only dream about. If it is not too late I would like to start by requesting the rare America’s Sweetheart recording. I am especially eager to hear the four extant songs I’ve missed- Sweet Geraldine, Mr. Dolan is Busy, Two unfortunate orphans and Hello folks Goodbye folks

    • Hi, Craig! Thanks for reading and commenting — and subscribing.

      I appreciate the kind words and I have emailed you at your gmail address.

  10. This is my favorite blog. you are a terrific writer with impeccable taste. Is it too late to request the America’s Sweetheart recording?

    • I am glad to have become your favorite blog so quickly — thank you! And, no, it’s not too late to request the audio — in fact, I got your first comment and have emailed you at your gmail address. Hope you enjoy!

  11. Hello
    I’d love to hear this audio, the music I have already heard from this score is terrific so I would love to hear the full score. Again, Thank you for highlighting these forgotten shows

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