Welcome to a new Musical Theatre Monday — surprise! I’m bumping this month’s scheduled entry up a week to make sure that all subscribers — who comment below to alert me of their interest — can receive access to the rarity I’m offering here ahead of an upcoming special day: January 16, the 114th anniversary of the great Ethel Merman‘s birth!

This year, we’re marking the annual festivities with something I teased a while ago in audio form: La Merm’s October 1968 guest appearance on an episode of That’s Life (1968-1969, ABC), the hour-long musical comedy TV series starring Robert Morse and E.J. Peaker as a young couple who go from a meet-cute to parenthood all in the course of 26 song-and-dance-filled episodes. (More info here.) Well, now I’ve got a video of the outing in question — Episode #06: “Moving In” (10/29/68), which guest stars Merman alongside Lou Jacobi and Terry-Thomas. I shared a video clip a few months ago. Here it is again — and for those who want to see more, well, be sure to subscribe to this blog and comment below!



Come back next month for a new musical rarity! And stay tuned tomorrow for Sitcom Tuesday!

22 thoughts on “Baby, THAT’S MERMAN!

  1. Always been a great fan of Miss Merman. Something I shared with top composers such as ColeAlbert Porter, just to name a few😉. I wouldn’t of course be interested in your offer of #6 ‘Moving In’.

  2. How did I miss this? Oh yeah, by 1968 I was onstage myself and missed a lot of classic TV. I would have loved this show. Looking forward to seeing more! Thanks, Jackson!

  3. Jackson, I’m grateful to you for having spot lighted this series over the years. We sure had a lot of music and variety shows on in our household during this era, but in 1968, this would have been on past my bedtime. I would be ignorant of this show if you hadn’t written about it on so many occasions. Seeing Ethel in an episode is just the icing on the cake. Happy early birthday to Ethel, and I’d love to see the episode you’re sharing.

  4. as everything that you offer from your collection or find on the internet, I would love to see this

    Anything with Merman and Morse is much watch


    • Hi, Rick! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      This is from my collection — I try not to share material here that you can find elsewhere.

      I have emailed you at your gmail address.

  5. I’m a little late, but I would love to see Merman in That’s Life. Thanks for sharing, Jackson.

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