Babes In The Library of Congress

Welcome to a new Musical Theatre Monday! Last week marked 85 years since the original Broadway premiere of Rodgers & Hart’s classic Babes In Arms (1937), which introduced many gems, including “Where Or When,” “I Wish I Were In Love Again,” “Johnny One-Note,” “My Funny Valentine,” and “The Lady Is A Tramp.” There are several great recorded versions of this iconic score (not counting the 1939 film soundtrack) — the 1951 Lehman Engel studio album, the 1990 New World Records CD, and the 1999 Encores! cast recording. I recommend all three.

However, none of them contains the original, lyrical version of “All Dark People (Are Light On Their Feet)” — a racially insensitive number that has no business in modern productions but was originally a showstopper for the prolific Nicholas Brothers. So, in the spirit of historical curiosity, I’m offering a songs-only audio to subscribers — who comment below to alert me of their private, non-commercial interest — of the 1987 Library of Congress concert (conducted by John McGlinn), which contains this song, performed by a young Savion Glover. Ah, heck, I’ll share it with you now — in excerpt of this special audio. Enjoy!



Come back next month for a new musical rarity! And stay tuned tomorrow for more Roseanne!

22 thoughts on “Babes In The Library of Congress

  1. I am interested in receiving the Babes in Arms Library of Congress Concert. I have several other recordings, but not the one you mention. Always interested in your extensive Music Theater discoveries! Thank you.

  2. One of my favorite scores! I’ll wait to hear “All Dark People” until I can hear it along with the rest of the wonderful songs. Thanks, Jackson!

    • Hi, Mark! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      I appreciate your kind words and I have emailed you at your verizon address.

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