Remembering Carol Channing (With Carol Burnett and Danny Thomas…)

Welcome to a new Wildcard Wednesday! This week, we’re honoring the late Carol Channing, who passed last month at the age of 97. I’ve reached deep into my bag of goodies to pull out one of the legendary Broadway star’s television specials — but not one that currently circulates and can be found online in full with some mild sleuthing. No, this is a rarity — something that hasn’t been widely seen since its initial broadcast by ABC on April 14, 1969.

Entitled Carol Channing Proudly Presents The Seven Deadly Sinsthis musical-comedy-variety special riffs on the aforementioned seven deadly sins: gluttony, envy, lust, wrath, avarice, pride, and sloth. It was directed by Clark Jones and written by Hal Goodman, Al Gordon, Ernest Chambers, and Saul Ilson, all of whom had written for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and first two of whom had also written for The Carol Burnett Show. Oh, yeah… Carol Burnett also appears… with Danny Thomas no less — making for a veritable trifecta of talent!

In fact, here’s a clip of the trio singing a version of “Happiness,” originally from You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown (1967). Subscribers interested in obtaining a copy of the full program, please comment below and alert me of your interest! For everyone else, please enjoy this taste.



Come back next week for another Wildcard post!! And stay tuned Tuesday for more Sitcom fun!