Leave It To Kern

Welcome to a new Musical Theatre Monday! This month, we’re celebrating the 105th anniversary of a charming “Princess Theater Show” — the bouncy Leave It To Jane, which boasts a score by Jerome Kern, Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehouse, and actually opened not at the then-booked Princess Theater, but instead at the Longacre, in August 1917. (More here.)

In honor of this formative piece of musical theatre, I’m happy to offer — for subscribers who comment below to alert me of their private, non-commercial interest — access to a songs-only audience recording of the 1985 Town Hall concert productionconducted by John McGlinn (who would later record Leave It To Jane in studio, with much of this same cast, for a still unreleased album). As a sample of this audio, here’s the glorious “The Sun Shines Brighter.”



Come back next month for a new musical rarity! And stay tuned for more Evening Shade!