THE BEST OF JACKSON: A Two-Year Anniversary

Welcome to another Wildcard Wednesday! Today marks the official two year anniversary of That’s Entertainment! I’ve written over 520 — 104 weeks worth of — original posts. That’s a lot! And, honestly, there were times when I wished I could have pressed a button on my computer and aired a rerun. But I didn’t, and I have no intentions to do so (anytime soon, anyway). But, from the rerun idea, I thought it would be nice to take today’s entry, as we did last year, to feature five of my favorite posts from this past year. A sort of highlight reel from “Season Two”, if you will — THE BEST OF JACKSON!


Musical Theatre Monday – March 30, 2015 – “Thou Swell, Thou Witty, Thou Rodgers & Hart in the ’20s (V)”


When planning out upcoming series for Musical Theatre Mondays in 2015, I was surprised at how little we’d covered from the cannon of Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart — a duo who produced so many indelible unforgettable classics and forgotten gems. A Connecticut Yankee (1927), which I’ve been wanting to feature here since this blog’s inception, contains both classics and gems. Check out the post, which includes a rare William Gaxton performance, here.

Situation Comedy Tuesday – December 02, 2014 – “The Ten Best THE NEW DICK VAN DYKE SHOW Episodes of Season One”


This was a tough category from which to choose a favorite. These posts require a lot of time and energy, and there are many of which I’m unspeakably proud. Also, since we’ve spent the entire year covering my favorite sitcom decade (the 1970s), there’ve been many fabulous seasons from brilliant shows. But, I’m most excited when I get to share something that’s not as well known, and The New Dick Van Dyke Show is underrated joy. Check out the beginning of our coverage here.

Wildcard Wednesday – April 01, 2015 – “Twelve Memorable Moments From PEYTON PLACE Season Two”


From forgotten sitcoms like Mary (1985-1986, CBS) and The Paul Lynde Show (1972-1973, ABC) to analyses of vintage plays like Sex (1926) and Mary, Mary (1961), there have been many Wildcard posts this past year that deserve to be singled out today. But one of the series we’ve done that’s gotten me particularly excited is our coverage of memorable moments from the since unrivaled primetime serial, Peyton Place. Check out some memorable moments from the best season here.

Xena: Warrior Princess Thursday – May 07, 2015 – “THE XENA SCROLLS: An Opinionated Episode Guide (611 & 612)”


All of this past year has been spent doing the Opinionated Episode Guides, so it reasons that my favorite entry from the year would feature two of my favorite episodes. Wrong. Instead, I’d rather highlight this particular entry, which includes the second directorial effort of Renee O’Connor (“Dangerous Prey”) and the rare opportunity to see early drafts of a fascinating misfire (“The God You Know”). Check out all the behind-the-scenes tidbits here.

Film Friday – October 03, 2014 – “SPOTLIGHT: Dramatic Pre-Code Davis (I)”


We’ve covered a lot of interesting films starring several of my favorite stars over this past year. Our Miriam Hopkins series featured a score of Pre-Code classics, while the Tallulah Bankhead series was a personal pleasure and one that I’d been intending to do for a long time. However, the post I’m featuring today covers a film that truly knocked my metaphorical socks off, The Man Who Played God (1932), which saved Bette Davis’ career. Check it out here.



Come back next Wednesday for another Wildcard post! And tune in tomorrow for the start of something new on Xena Thursdays!